Introduction To Proportion: Explained With Examples

Ratio and Proportions

In algebra, the ratio and proportions is widely used to solve various kinds of mathematical problems. It is based on ratios (p: q) & fractions (p/q). The fraction is a term or a way to write numbers in the form of p/q, where p & q are the integers and q is not equal to […]

Most Common Mistakes in Online Course Creation

Online Course Creation

Creating a digital product that sells and scales doesn’t just sound incredible, but it can really be if you put in the effort and take the proper steps at the right time. In recent years, online courses have become more accessible than ever and are a brilliant source of income, but only when appropriately handled. […]

Content Development for Corporate Learning

Content Development for Corporate Learning

In today’s competitive industry, everyone strives to upscale their skills and keep learning more to maintain their career growth. Content development for corporate refers to the process of designing, developing, managing, and updating content to boost the skills of employees. According to the latest research, the best practices of great training organizations have established that […]

Content Development for Test Prep | Test Prep Solutions

test prep solutions

Any student who scores high on a standardized test or in an entrance exam will be able to access the most promising educational opportunities. In order to make progress in a student’s educational journey, they must raise their test scores. Test preparation solutions are offered for every level of test, including the popular ACT/SAT, the […]

Best Places to Find Textbook Solutions

Places to Find Textbook Solutions

There are several online textbook solution providers who offer step-by-step solutions for textbooks in a preferred format, which includes all necessary explanations, interactive elements, graphs, diagrams, and tables. Before discussing the top places to find textbook solutions, check out the key benefits of online textbook solutions. Here are a few:  The solutions are comprehensive and […]

11 Best Online Course Platforms in 2022

The 11 best online course platforms in 2022

Not sure which platform would be best for your online course? Here are 11 best online course platforms that best fits your needs and is within your budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Create An Online Course In 2022?

How Much Does It Cost To Create An Online Course In 2022?

Online course creation involves a wide range of tasks, from writing course content to recording videos and putting the course live. The process of creating an online course involves several decisions, which makes estimating the cost rather challenging. Most importantly, there are a lot of different factors that go into determining how much an online […]

Online Learning Challenges & Solutions: For Students

Online Learning Challenges & Solutions For students

Online learning provides several benefits to students who are looking for flexibility while attending college. In addition, COVID-19 has altered the educational discourse dramatically as students can now access their courses and texts online at their convenience, thereby allowing them to study according to their schedule. The ease of access to the Internet has led […]

Learning Experience Design or LXD

Learning Experience Design

Storming through traditional methods of creating a learning experience, here is the new age LX design. When a cluster of PowerPoint presentations and webinars, or any other traditional corporate trading fails, learning experience design got your back. Fostering the human-centered and goal-specific parameters, learning experience design enhances experiences. What is Learning Experience Design (LXD)? LXD […]

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