Creating World Class Educational Content

Founded in 2013, Evelyn Learning Systems is positioned among leading brands in educational content development across all STEM and Business subjects. It is the result of our meticulous preparation, hard work, learning and building on years of experience delivering quality content to students globally.

Methodology Driven by Student Outcomes

Our methodology has demonstrated results. 86% students using Evelyn's content and learning methodology report an increase in their SAT, ACT and GMAT scores.

Advanced Software Enabled Content

We use latest software packages like MATLAB, Maple, STATISTICA, CorelDraw and Adobe InDesign to deliver rich content, often bundled with multimedia.

Contribute to Industry Research Survey

2023 Trends and forecasts on Learning Effectiveness.

The year 2022 has seen education evolve technologically. So, what are we expecting in 2023?

We invite you to be part of our journey to understand the Ed-Tech experiences of 2022 and the expectations of 2023 by taking this survey. (You can also choose to be quoted and published in our survey report.)

Gauging Content Outsourcing 2023.

Since e-learning has gained popularity and found its own space among students and educators, we want to understand how ed-tech companies have responded to this growth in content generation. We invite you to participate in this industry survey to help us learn how 2022 has impacted content outsourcing and what are the industry expectations in 2023.

Our Learning Systems



We use latest software to develop rich content, often bundled with multi-media. In addition, we also routinely deliver real-time online Q&A and video tutoring to students across the world.



Our K-12 content is designed for learning outcomes in Common Core from grades 3 till 11. It also includes test-prep material for competitive entrance exams and for school level studies.



Our University content is designed as self-instructional comprehensive study material, step-by-step textbook solutions, Q&A boards and as Live videos and Asynchronous tutoring.