Publishing Industry

We provide valuable support to publishing companies by creating high-quality content that helps students to learn and grow.

Question Writing

Developing questions that accurately test the understanding of the content being taught is critical in assessing students’ learning outcomes. The benefit of using a question-writing service is that the questions are created by experts who deeply understand the subject matter. This means that the questions will likely be more challenging and thought-provoking than those created by non-experts. Additionally, the questions are designed to be aligned with the textbook’s learning objectives, ensuring that the questions are relevant and meaningful for students.

Textbook Solutions

Textbook solutions are critical to educational content development, as they help learners understand and apply the concepts taught. Our textbook solution service can help students better understand the material covered in their textbooks. Textbooks can be dense and difficult to read, and students may need help understanding the concepts presented. Textbook solutions provide students with additional support, which can help them to succeed in their studies.

Alt-Text Writing

Alt-text writing is a service that is becoming increasingly important in today’s education landscape. Alt-text, or alternative text, is the text that is used to describe images, graphs, and other visual elements in a textbook. Alt-text is important for visually impaired students with other disabilities that make it difficult to access visual information. The benefit of using an alt-text writing service is that it ensures all students can access the same information, regardless of their abilities. Alt-text can help students better understand the material in their textbooks, improving their overall learning experience.


Evelyn employs subject matter experts who have in-depth knowledge of a particular subject or topic. These experts create questions that are designed to test students’ understanding of the material covered in the textbooks. The questions can be multiple-choice, short-answer, or essay-type, depending on the needs of the publishing company. The company provides question-writing services to evaluate student comprehension and critical thinking skills across various subjects, including mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts. These questions are designed to align with the relevant learning objectives and standards, ensuring that they effectively measure student learning.


Another important service offered by Evelyn Learning is providing textbook solutions. The company’s textbook solutions services include developing detailed explanations of the textbook content, providing step-by-step solutions to problems, and developing worked examples illustrating the concepts being taught. These solutions are designed to be clear, concise, and easy to understand, helping learners to master the material covered in their textbooks.