Terms of Service

Evelyn Learning Systems caters to two types of users—potential candidates who wish to work with us and potential clients. Both have access to the entire website.

The right to change or modify any of the topics or content within this website is reserved entirely by Evelyn. We are not liable to you or to any third party for modifications, additions or deletions made to the website content or to the terms of service, with or without notice.

To have access to the career page on the website, you can create a user profile, by choosing a suitable User ID and Password. By accepting our terms of service, you agree not to create multiple accounts and ensure one time registration on our website.

You will also be asked for some additional information which you must enter accurately and to the best of your knowledge. If it is discovered at any point of time that you have furnished false information, your subscription would stand cancelled without any notice. Thus, you cannot impersonate or misrepresent your identity by any means.

We will not share your personal information including your identity with any third party.

We offer no warranties that our employment or service will meet your requirements and expectations. This also holds true for any defects or mistakes that might be there in our training post hiring.

By approving the terms of service, you agree to access the website at your own initiative and risk. Also, you are required to act in accordance with all applicable laws.