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Short Ed-Tech Exchange

AR/VR in Education

Guest Name: Jaime Donally            Jaime Donally

Jaime Donally is an author and founder of ARVRinEDU & Global Maker Day and a passionate technology enthusiast. Being an Ed-Tech consultant, Donally provides staff development and training on evolving themes around technology.

Understanding Challenges to Effective Learning

Guest Name: PJ Caposey       

PJ Caposey is an award-winning teacher, a dynamic speaker, and a transformational leader and educator. He joined as a superintendent in Meridian (CUSD 223).
PJ is a best-selling author and has written 8 books for various publishers. His work and commentary have been featured on sites such as the Washington Post, NPR, CBS This Morning, ASCD, Edutopia, and the Huffington Post.

How to achieve quality & equity education globally?

Guest Name: Erin Dowd

Erin Dowd

Erin Dowd has been an educator, education consultant, writer, and presenter for almost two decades. In 2017, she was named an ASCD Emerging Leader. A former classroom teacher and curriculum director in the Netherlands, US, India, and Honduras, Erin has spent her career working to provide equitable education for students all over the world.