Short Ed-Tech Exchange

Episode- 9

Discover the Power of Essential Soft Skills for Personal and Professional Growth.

Guest Name:

Chris Mackey

Chris Mackey is a co-founder at Skillsline, which is fundamentally committed to cultivating growth and achievement in individual learners and their organizations. His professional path is characterized by innovation and Entrepreneurship, focusing on developing impactful products through collaborative partnerships. Before Skillsline, Chris served as a vice president and general manager at The Myers-Briggs Company, Innovation Labs.

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Episode- 8

Discussing PBL core practices, technology integration issues, and curriculum development.

Guest Name:

Lauralyn Vasquez

Lauralyn Vasquez, the Director of Operations and Educational Services with Beyond Technology Education, is a writer and speaker on keeping kids safe and balanced with technology. Lauralyn is also a motivational speaker passionate about healthy digital citizenship and safety, ensuring everyone has the digital literacy skills they need for success.

Episode- 7

Making Universities More Student-Centric, and the Role of Technology in it

Guest Name:

John Thompson-Haas

John Thompson-Haas has 25 years’ experience in education technology. His background includes leading some of largest and most complex SIS implementations in the United States.  Currently John is the Managing Director for Client Services as Beyond Academics.  Beyond Academics works with innovative university presidents and their leadership teams to create real transformation at their institutions.

Episode- 6

Discussing Student Career-Readiness, the Role of Ed-Tech Companies, and Catapult

Guest Name:

Kevin J Fleming

Kevin is the founder and CEO of Catapult. Dr. Fleming previously served as vice president and dean of Instruction, Career & Technical Education at Norco College. A scholar and researcher, he is the author of four books, including the educational bestseller (Re)Defining the Goal and the inspirational title, Words are Your Superpower.

Episode- 5

Importance of SEL and Ethics in AI

Guest Name:

Marisa Zalabak

Founder of Open Channel Culture, educational psychologist, leadership coach, author, and TEDx, international keynote speaker. Marisa has over 3 decades of experience as an expert in business, education, and organizational culture. She is the Co-chair of the committee expanding global AI ethics education with

Episode- 4

How Ed-Tech is Changing our Lives?

Guest Name:

Brad Waid

Brad Waid is an emerging technology leader. He is tabbed as one of the top 20 Global Futurist & Keynote Speakers by TAFFD and has been recognized as the #14 Influencer, worldwide, in Augmented Reality by Onalytica. He is an industry thought leader in Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and more.

Episode- 3

How to achieve quality & equity education globally?

Guest Name:

Erin Dowd

Erin Dowd has been an educator, education consultant, writer, and presenter for almost two decades. In 2017, she was named an ASCD Emerging Leader. A former classroom teacher and curriculum director in the Netherlands, US, India, and Honduras, Erin has spent her career working to provide equitable education for students all over the world.

Episode- 2

Understanding Challenges to Effective Learning

Guest Name:

PJ Caposey

PJ Caposey is an award-winning teacher, a dynamic speaker, and a transformational leader and educator. He joined as a superintendent in Meridian (CUSD 223). PJ is a best-selling author and has written 8 books for various publishers.

Episode- 1

AR/VR in Education

Guest Name:

Jaime Donally

Jaime Donally is an author and founder of ARVRinEDU & Global Maker Day and a passionate technology enthusiast. Being an Ed-Tech consultant, Donally provides staff development and training on evolving themes around technology.