University Applications

We produce comprehensive study materials and step-by-step textbook solutions. We also support both live tutoring and asynchronous Q&A.


Vocational courses for working professionals require them to attend classes only over weekends. Sometimes, even weekend classes are not possible because of strict deadlines at work. This audience, therefore, neither has the luxury of attending regular classes in a college environment nor does it have faculty available for clearing doubts. There is no access to a library for reference material or journals.

Their study material therefore must be complete in every way: self-instructional in nature with all necessary information, references and knowledge.


The word ‘Solution’ is frequently confused with ‘Answer’. An answer to a question is the outcome obtained by solving the question. Hence, this may contain just a single line or a single word. How one gets to this answer is not discussed or explained.

An Evelyn authored solution helps a student learn how to solve the problem rather than just give the answer.


Students face challenging problems, some of which may require specialised graphing and equation tools for better understanding. Evelyn tutors make sure they work on the zero-answered questions first as they tend to be the most difficult ones that many others could not solve. They use LaTeX tools for online equation editing. It is also extremely important to follow the honor code of not helping students with their tests.


A student’s time is extremely important. A query can be cleared either immediately or at a later time (in case the student is working on something more impending at the time). In either case, good explanation coupled with solid examples is what works best.