Preparatory Courses for LSAT

Law School Admission Test

The LSAT evaluates various skills that are required for success in legal employment. Read on to see our top picks for the best preparatory courses for LSAT.

Doodling: An Innovative and Effective Way of Teaching

Academic Benefits of Doodling

We all used to doodle when we were in school. Cartoon faces, birds with crests of all kinds, elegant butterflies, and leaf forms were among the images that adorned the margins of our notebooks. These automatically made long lectures seem more entertaining. Sketching happy faces, hearts, and a variety of shapes in the margins of […]

Pedagogical Practices To Suit Various Learning Styles

Pedagogical Practices

Most people have accepted the assertion that each student has a distinct “learning style” as fact in the educational sector. If one does a little digging, they will find that there are over 70 different styles of learning and teaching style schemes that attempt to classify students according to how they learn best. The notion […]

Formative Assessment Tools For Classroom Learning

Formative Assessment Tools

Formative assessments are a form of an evaluation tool that is employed to assess the depth of understanding during the learning process. This in-process continuous assessment technique ensures that no child is left lagging in a concept. Teachers must have access to formative assessment tools as part of their remote learning strategy. They must know […]

Online Teaching V/S Traditional Teaching

Online Teaching V/S Traditional Teaching

The word “college” can conjure up images of students lounging in dorm rooms or cramming into massive lecture halls for classes. However, as technology allows for more and more ways to learn, the representation is becoming increasingly out-of-date. Indeed, online teaching for overall learning has gradually increased in popularity among university students, but does that […]

Ways To Boost Your E-Learning Course

E-Learning Course

To boost their training efforts, more and more companies are replacing conventional instructor-led training (ILT) programs with e-Learning courses. The advantages of e-Learning include cost-effectiveness, just-in-time instruction, and quicker delivery speeds, to name a few. It is important, however, that learners are exposed to the shift in a systematic manner during the transition from ILT […]

Brain Exercises to Boost your Mental Capability

Brain Exercises to Boost your Mental Capability

Every aspect of our lives engages our brain, and it, like any other body element, requires attention. Many people, especially as they get older, place a high value on brain exercise in order to improve memory, focus, or daily functionality. People of all ages, however, can benefit from doing a few basic brain exercises on […]

Recent Trends in Educational Publishing

Modern Trends in Educational Publishing

Educational publishing has changed dramatically in recent years. Digital formats are being adopted across the board, from elementary school to university. Consequently, printed editions are also available digitally and in e-book format in basic forms. However, by introducing immersive educational games and web portals, learning has progressed significantly.  To this end, this piece aims to […]