The Importance of Aligning Content with Common Core Standards

The Importance of Aligning Content with Common Core Standards

In the developing prospects of education, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) offer a fundamental framework for curriculum development and instruction in the United States. These standards made each student receive a consistent and high-quality education without considering their location or school district much. Educational institutions must ensure to align their instructional methodologies with the […]

Education Transformation: Assessing the Downfalls and Crafting Solutions for US Education

challenges in US education

Hello esteemed educators and industry leaders, This month, our deep dive explores the pressing challenges facing the U.S. education system. Together, let’s understand these issues and deliberate on solutions to pave a transformative path for our students. 1. ASSESSING THE DOWNFALLS Declining Academic Performance: While the U.S. has historically been a beacon of innovation and […]

All the Information You Require Regarding Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum is said to be the national curriculum in Australia, which is followed by all primary and secondary schools. Its main purpose is to provide the best education to the students by introducing skills, understanding, and knowledge needed to work in this modern time.  Whenever needed, the curriculum is updated continuously to teach […]

Why the Education Expenses are Rising and How to Deal with it?

Why are education expenses are rising

A point raised by the National Center for Education Statistics states that an average student’s decision on whether they want to attend college or not is entirely up to their family finances. The education expenses are the biggest concern for freshers, which puts them in a dilemma “Should I go to college or not”? Providing […]

Reassessing Curriculum Development: Top 3 Factors to Consider

Curriculum Development is the process of developing a course that is taught at a school. Every school or university has a unique approach to its design. However, the basic structure of the design remains the same, which includes researching, building, execution, and judgment.   This article discusses, in detail, the points that influence the decision of […]

Challenges in Education System: PJ Caposey interview

PJ Caposey is a superintendent at district Meridian CUSD 223 in Illinois. He is a keynote speaker and an educational leader. PJ became a principal when he was just 28 and, within three years, PJ was able to lead a small-town/rural school that was historically achieving near the bottom of its county to multiple national […]

Challenges in the Current US Education System

Education experts have been voluminously telling us many things that are not going right as far as the US education system is concerned. And we are seeing the signs now. A recent survey by Morning Consult showed that only 60% of baby boomers held their trust in the public education system, and only 43% of Gen Zs […]

Most Common Mistakes in Online Course Creation

Online Course Creation

Creating a digital product that sells and scales doesn’t just sound incredible, but it can really be if you put in the effort and take the proper steps at the right time. In recent years, online courses have become more accessible than ever and are a brilliant source of income, but only when appropriately handled. […]

SMEs v/s Learning Experts: Exploring the Differences

SMEs v/s Learning Experts: Exploring the Differences

If you are in the education space, you would often come across terminologies like ‘subject matter experts’, ‘instructional designer’, and ‘learning experts’. But have you ever understood the exact difference between the three? Bearing a close similarity in the nature of their fields, the three terms can often be confused for one. As an educator […]