Adaptive Learning as a New-Age Teaching Methodology

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning is a technologically-driven personalized learning experience. This model incorporates algorithms, assessments, and feedback to tailor unique learning paths and course sequencing to suit various learning styles. Traditional teaching presents a rigid course material to fit all the students. Adaptive Learning makes use of frequent assessments, exchanges feedback with learners, and opens alternative learning […]

Teachers’ Role in Project-based Learning

Project-Based Learning

The teachers’ role in Project-Based Learning is unique and pervasive. An educator’s ability to transition from the role of instructor to that of a mentor or collaborator can make or break it. As is evident from our previous blog – Project-Based Learning Tools, PBL, if done well, helps inculcate skills such as active learning and problem-solving in […]

8 Tips to Set-Up a Blended Learning Classroom

Tips to Set-Up a Blended Learning Classroom

Blended Learning or Hybrid Learning is a modified teaching and learning method employed in modern classrooms. The blend of traditional and online teaching brings out the best in students and encourages participation in learning. Whether it is Flipped Classroom, Project-Based Learning, or any other type of blended learning, this teaching methodology works best to promote interactive […]

Implementing Blended Learning

Blended Learning Strategies

Blended Learning is a form of learning where traditional and online learning are merged to impart knowledge by increasing learner engagement (refer to the previous blog for more). There are various forms of blended learning. Each type has its distinct functions and characteristics that make it compatible with different learning situations.  But like every teaching […]

Blended Learning Explained: Definition, Models, & More

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a teaching technique that amalgamates the effective teaching methodologies of traditional learning and eLearning. It brings endless possibilities to the table for every individual with the help of technology. It has been proven to be effective in yielding better results and efficient fulfillment of learning objectives. This article delves deeper into the […]

Project-Based Learning as a New Tool for Learning

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning is a teaching technique that engages learners in exploring real-world problems while applying their learning. It is turning into a new tool of learning in this rapidly growing dynamic world. It amalgamates the current scenario with the learning objectives of a lesson in the classroom. The methodology aims at creating a pseudo world […]

Online Learning over Traditional Learning

Online Learning over Traditional Learning

‘Online learning or traditional learning’ is an ever-growing conflict among educationists. While some prefer traditional learning in the brick-mortar vicinity, others vouch for the new day’s online learning. Weighing the pros and cons of both mediums is important to understand which one is a better way of imparting knowledge in today’s fast-pacing world. As discussed […]

Online Learning Vs Traditional Learning

Online Learning vs Traditional Learning

Online and traditional learning are two modes of learning that are often weighed against each other. Learning through the medium of the internet without the proper assistance of a teacher in real-time is known as online learning. Traditional learning refers to imparting education in institutions with teachers and students interacting in real-time. Learning has become […]

A Glimpse into the World of Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring refers to delivering lessons through online mediums, mostly in the physical absence of the tutor. As early as 1996, the use of the internet gave way to the initiation of asynchronous online tutoring. Since then, various developments in the field have been witnessed, thereby making it as efficient as today. Online tutoring is […]

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