What All We Do

Textbook Questions and Solutions/Assessments writing

Math & Stats TBS

Creation of step by step textbook solutions in Mathematics and Statistics requires the use of advanced Software tools such as Maple, Statistica and MATLAB. Our experts are well versed in KaTeX, LaTeX and MathML for writing equations.

CS & Engineering TBS

Computer Science theory and coding related questions are explained in detail with example programs and sample output. Support for all branches including electrical, chemical, mechanical and civil engineering.

Business & Management TBS

Support for all business related subjects including accounting (managerial and financial), economics, sales, management, marketing, entrepreneurship and economietrics.

Customized Content Development

Rationales and Distractors

Writing feedback or rationales for the correct and incorrect options (distractors) for questions, so that the students know where they went wrong while attempting questions.

CCSS and PARCC Question Creation

Development of Common Core State Standard questions of various types (multiple choice, cloze matrix, drag and drop etc) for all grades and learning objectives.

Video Based Ccontent - Lectures, Concepts, Solutions

Concept explanation videos, training videos, entire course videos, short videos for quick recap, animations and illustrations.

Live & Asynchronous Tutoring

Live Tutoring

Live one-on-one tutoring sessions with students.

Asynchronous Tutoring

Questions posted by students are explained asynchronously.

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