2023 Will See Blended Learning and Industry-Institution Partnerships as the Top Ed-Tech Trends

Evelyn Learning released an annual report of the research findings of experts’ predictions on the education trends for the year 2023. The research was conducted in November-December 2022, where nearly 50 education specialists were chosen to render their insights. Students, parents, teachers, and industry members had varied experiences in 2022, which is why Evelyn Learning wanted to understand the upcoming trends in education in 2023 from the education pundits.

For some, technology is their biggest bet, yet for others, classroom challenges are a priority over anything. Evelyn took the initiative to understand what the education experts have to say about the newer technologies, learning styles, educational challenges, and upcoming trends in the Ed-Tech industry in 2023.

“Education is the blood and lifeline of any country and its economy. And with a looming recession on the horizon, there is an excellent opportunity for the industry in 2023 to find millions of learners from the workforce looking to upgrade their skills. 2022 ended with a big splash in the AI sector, ChatGPT. I see the use of AI exploding this year. I believe that technology can only assist a teacher and not replace her. We should consider embracing it rather than feeling threatened by it and not pivoting from our current paths but make the path more robust by using this new tool. Now, how that happens and transpires is something that I would surely love to see.”

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Highlights of the Report:

The experts believe that eLearning and blended learning topped the trends of the Ed-Tech industry in 2022. They predict that in 2023, blended learning and a staunch collaboration between start-ups and institutions will continue to be the most significant trends. The education industry has seen its rocky days, and as per Evelyn’s research, the top two challenges to education in 2023 are inequitable education and teacher shortage.

Keith Wakeman, CEO & Co-Founder, SuperBetter, quoted in the report:
“Nearly every teacher in America now believes in the value of social-emotional learning, however, no one has reduced their multitude of priorities to make time for it. Educators can play a bigger role to promote youth mental health but need practical tools for their classroom realities.”

The cost of education has increased, and according to the experts, it is unlikely that the cost of education will reduce in the coming months.

More than 65% of the experts have responded that the recent obstacles to academic freedom can hurt the spirit of democracy. Most of the experts have expressed the idea that parental involvement is essential when planning curriculum for children.

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