Humberto Hernandez, a Colombo-American accessibility and Universal Design advocate, has worked in the EdTech industry for over a decade. His deep roots in education have seen him authoring pivotal pieces on higher education, online learning, and accessibility. Humberto’s forte lies in enhancing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and its subsequent tools to make them universally accessible, bridging the gap between coding and accessibility.
His entrepreneurial spirit is evident through his business ventures in the EdTech space. As a certified Front-End Web Developer, he combines his coding skills with an intricate understanding of digital accessibility. This unique blend ensures that educational platforms are inclusive and reach students of all capabilities.Currently pursuing his Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Humberto’s research emphasizes Universal Design for Learning and Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies. He’s a regular face at national and international conferences, sharing insights on inclusive education.

Among his accolades, Humberto is a Higher Education Peer Reviewer Quality Matters Facilitator with certifications from the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). He’s a certified Universal Design Advocate and Section 508 Accessibility Specialist.

In essence, where technology intersects with education, Humberto Hernandez is pioneering accessible and inclusive digital platforms, ensuring that the future of EdTech is promising and universally approachable.