Understanding the Fundamentals of Generative AI and its Significance in Education

Generative AI in Education

Generative AI is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that creates models and systems capable of generating new content, such as images, text, music, and more. These systems learn patterns and structures from existing data and generate new instances resembling the training data. Generative AI is often based on deep learning techniques, explicitly using generative […]

Adaptive Learning in The Classroom

Adaptive Learning

Implementing Adaptive Learning As mentioned in our previous article, Adaptive Learning systems provide personalized learning experience for students by first adjusting to their learning styles and paces. Following this, instructional designers perform unique course sequencing and evaluation methods. In this way, educators can secure equitable learning on a scale of 100-200 pupils per class. This […]

Adaptive Learning as a New-Age Teaching Methodology

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning is a technologically-driven personalized learning experience. This model incorporates algorithms, assessments, and feedback to tailor unique learning paths and course sequencing to suit various learning styles. Traditional teaching presents a rigid course material to fit all the students. Adaptive Learning makes use of frequent assessments, exchanges feedback with learners, and opens alternative learning […]