Live Webinar: Oct 4, 2022 – 10:30 am PDT

Duration: 60 min

Looking Beyond College Studies 

There are three tiers of student education. One includes the core subjects in which they specialize in their careers. The second encompasses general management skills like leadership, collaboration, communication, selling, etc., and the third includes personal skills like finance and taxes.

While colleges focus on the first tier of learning, they often sideline the second and third tiers of education. General management skills help in employability, especially in a remote working environment, and personal skills increase personal and professional satisfaction.

In This Webinar, We Meet To Discuss The Following:

  1. Address students’ learning needs beyond course studies.
  2. Why should students learn these skills in college?
  3. What holds institutions back from focusing on general and personal skills?
  4. How can Ed-Tech companies and the college community collaborate to give holistic knowledge to students?

This Webinar is Best For:

  • EdTech Industry leaders
  • Educationists
  • Curriculum and Instructional Designers
  • Academic Content Directors and Managers
  • Individuals interested in learning about holistic education and reforming education


Annette Ethcuit

Analyst/Coach and Mentor

Alok Jain

Investor/Founder, CEO Moonpreneur

Praveen Tyagi - Speaker

Praveen Tyagi

Founder/ CEO Evelyn Learning Systems

Watch The Webinar: