Content Development for Test Prep | Test Prep Solutions

test prep solutions

Any student who scores high on a standardized test or in an entrance exam will be able to access the most promising educational opportunities. In order to make progress in a student’s educational journey, they must raise their test scores. Test preparation solutions are offered for every level of test, including the popular ACT/SAT, the […]

Best Places to Find Textbook Solutions

Places to Find Textbook Solutions

There are several online textbook solution providers who offer step-by-step solutions for textbooks in a preferred format, which includes all necessary explanations, interactive elements, graphs, diagrams, and tables. Before discussing the top places to find textbook solutions, check out the key benefits of online textbook solutions. Here are a few:  The solutions are comprehensive and […]

How Much Does It Cost To Create An Online Course In 2022?

How Much Does It Cost To Create An Online Course In 2022?

Online course creation involves a wide range of tasks, from writing course content to recording videos and putting the course live. The process of creating an online course involves several decisions, which makes estimating the cost rather challenging. Most importantly, there are a lot of different factors that go into determining how much an online […]

E-Learning Video Solution Providers for Quality Video Content

E-learning video solution providers

With the emergence of new technologies and current socio-political circumstances, video solutions for concepts at school and college learning are gaining a lot of momentum. The latest digital technology also makes it easier for companies to create e-learning video solutions for online learning, corporate training and more. And while there is an abundance of e-learning […]

Content Editing: An Itemized Breakdown Of Its Meaning And Levels

Content editing

Content editing entails examining a piece of writing to determine whether it is effective, coherent, and understandable. It focuses on the entire conceptual intent, content, organization, and literary style of the piece. On behalf of a customer, writer, or company, a content editor publishes a piece of writing online.  Editors oversee the final stage of […]

Recent Trends in Educational Publishing

Modern Trends in Educational Publishing

Educational publishing has changed dramatically in recent years. Digital formats are being adopted across the board, from elementary school to university. Consequently, printed editions are also available digitally and in e-book format in basic forms. However, by introducing immersive educational games and web portals, learning has progressed significantly.  To this end, this piece aims to […]

Avoiding Plagiarism In Academic Content

Plagiarism In Academic Content

Even the greatest copywriters find it difficult to generate plagiarism-free material or avoid plagiarism in academic content, with over 200 million active websites online. After all, there’s only so much one person can say about a subject before they start repeating themselves!  Many copywriters are forced to write about subjects that have previously been explored […]

Best Practices for E-Learning Localization

elearning localization

A good e-learning course reaches out to the learners throughout the world. Localization helps achieve this goal by making the e-learning course available in different languages for different regions. Also, localizing an e-learning course demands equal efforts as developing it does. As mentioned in our previous blog, translation and localization are two different yet related features. […]

E-Learning Localization

E-Learning Localization

Localization is a way of connecting with consumers by adopting their language and culture. As stated in our blog Localization: An Introduction, it is a part of larger processes of the global market, termed as globalization and internationalization. These processes are not only applied to trade, but to education as well. The emerging e-learning methods […]

Localization: An Introduction

Localization: An Introduction

Contemporary learning has evolved through years of experimenting with different learning methods. These methods range from the old traditional classroom teaching to the contemporary e-learning method. (Refer to our blog Online Learning vs Traditional Learning: An Introduction for a detailed comparison). Although many factors contribute to make e-learning an effective learning approach, Localization is one […]