Audrika Thakuria

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Audrika Thakuria, an accomplished educator and EdTech visionary, is dedicated to revolutionizing the world of education through technology. With a deep-rooted passion for leveraging technology to provide quality education globally, Audrika holds a Master of Science in International Educational Development from the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a prestigious Merit Scholarship. Serving as a […]

Ellen Prescott

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Ellen Prescott, Ph.D., PMP, is a seasoned instructional designer with over 15 years of expertise. Currently an Instructional Designer at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Ellen is dedicated to crafting dynamic and context-rich Canvas courses that engage and inspire learners. Prior to her role at CIIS, Ellen held pivotal positions as a Learning Designer […]

Humberto Hernandez

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Humberto Hernandez, a Colombo-American accessibility and Universal Design advocate, has worked in the EdTech industry for over a decade. His deep roots in education have seen him authoring pivotal pieces on higher education, online learning, and accessibility. Humberto’s forte lies in enhancing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and its subsequent tools to make them universally accessible, […]

Corey Seemiller

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Dr. Corey Seemiller is a professor in the Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations at Wright State University. She is the author of The Student Leadership Competencies Guidebook, a prominent resource for developing youth and college student leadership programs. Dr. Seemiller is also the co-author of several articles as well as four books […]

Chris Mackey

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Chris Mackey is a co-founder at Skillsline, which is fundamentally committed to cultivating growth and achievement in individual learners and their organizations. His professional path is characterized by innovation and Entrepreneurship, focusing on developing impactful products through collaborative partnerships. Before Skillsline, Chris served as a vice president and general manager at The Myers-Briggs Company, Innovation […]

Rebecca Roese

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Rebecca Roese has been at 2U/edX as a Curriculum Management Director for just over four years, specializing in designing and delivering graduate curricula for a broad range of universities. She has worked in higher education since 2007 and has expertise in adult learning theories, intentional curriculum design, and programmatic curriculum scaffolding. Rebecca holds a bachelor’s […]

Aditya Agarkar

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Aditya Agarkar is a co-founder of Edulastic where he led the company from founding to its leading position as a K-12 assessment platform with over 10 million students and teachers. Aditya has spent over 30 years in the software industry with the last 12 years in EdTech entrepreneurship, content creation, product development and distribution. Aditya has also worked with […]

Keith Wakeman


Keith Wakeman is a purpose-driven innovator & brand builder. As CEO & Co-Founder, he leads the expansion of SuperBetter to address the mental health crisis among youth and young adults. A champions for using the psychology of gameplay to address global challenges. He led the development & launch of over $1 billion of new products.

Stuart Draper

Stuart Draper

Stuart Draper is the co-author of Digital Marketing Essentials, the bestselling text in higher education of its kind. He has experience doing digital marketing for companies that range from mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. He successfully bootstrapped (acquired December 2015), and is currently the founder and CEO of, a digital […]

Martine Holland

Martine Holland

Martine Holland is Head of Assessment at Bedrock Learning, an EdTech committed to transforming learning through literacy, where she creates assessment tools that combine the highest quality pedagogy and assessment theory with the convenience of up-to-date technology. Prior to this she was a senior assessment specialist and advisor to the leadership of the IELTS language proficiency examination, […]