Education Transformation: Assessing the Downfalls and Crafting Solutions for US Education

challenges in US education

Hello esteemed educators and industry leaders, This month, our deep dive explores the pressing challenges facing the U.S. education system. Together, let’s understand these issues and deliberate on solutions to pave a transformative path for our students. 1. ASSESSING THE DOWNFALLS Declining Academic Performance: While the U.S. has historically been a beacon of innovation and […]

What is LaTeX: Writing Math Equations, Expressions, and More

What is Latex

In academia and scientific research, the presentation of mathematical content is as crucial as the content itself. Accurate, consistent, and visually appealing math equations play an essential role in conveying complex ideas effectively. LaTeX, a typesetting system, has emerged as the gold standard for writing mathematical equations and expressions in academic papers. In this article, […]

Emerging Technology is an Intersection of Humanity and Technology: Brad Waid on AR/VR

“Embrace the technology and use it. Whether you’re a teacher or a student, or you’re in the industry, try to use technologies like virtual and augmented reality in a way that will benefit humanity”.  This is how Brad Waid is encouraging everyone to utilize digital technology to its best advantage.  In recent years, virtual and […]

Gauging Student Knowledge Using Bloom’s Taxonomy and DOK

One approach that has become increasingly popular over the years is using Bloom’s Taxonomy and Depth of Knowledge (DOK) to  gauge student learning. Teachers can test students’ knowledge with multiple assessment tools  and testing techniques.  Educators must use the most effective teaching pedagogies and types of assessments to help the students learn and succeed.  Comparison […]

Pedagogical Practices To Suit Various Learning Styles

Pedagogical Practices

Most people have accepted the assertion that each student has a distinct “learning style” as fact in the educational sector. If one does a little digging, they will find that there are over 70 different styles of learning and teaching style schemes that attempt to classify students according to how they learn best. The notion […]

Ways To Boost Your E-Learning Course

E-Learning Course

To boost their training efforts, more and more companies are replacing conventional instructor-led training (ILT) programs with e-Learning courses. The advantages of e-Learning include cost-effectiveness, just-in-time instruction, and quicker delivery speeds, to name a few. It is important, however, that learners are exposed to the shift in a systematic manner during the transition from ILT […]

Top 5 Interactive E-Learning Tools

Top Interactive E-learning Tool

An e-learning expert is only as good as their most effective tools. E-learning tools are a must-have in your toolkit as new innovations change the way we create and deliver digital learning. Picking the correct e-learning software for your company can be difficult, as it depends on a variety of factors. For instance, your technological […]

Tips To Use Animation In E-Learning Courses

Animation in E-Learning

We’re sure everyone will agree when we say that involving learners/employees in e-learning can be a difficult job. Though static graphics are a good tool to keep learners interested, animation can also greatly aid in e-learning.  E-Learning is extremely beneficial because it is more immersive and allows for the presentation of knowledge in motion. It may […]

Online Learning

Online Learning

What is Online Learning? Online Learning is a broad umbrella term that we apply to any kind of education that happens over the Internet. Online courses may follow synchronous or asynchronous modes of instruction. E-Learning is a popular trend in learning, and it involves complex information and communication technologies such as Moodle, MOOCs, Virtual Reality, […]