Top Interactive E-learning Tool

Top 5 Interactive E-Learning Tools

An e-learning expert is only as good as their most effective tools. E-learning tools are a must-have in your toolkit as new innovations change the way we create and deliver digital learning. Picking the correct e-learning software for your company can be difficult, as it depends on a variety of factors. For instance, your technological knowledge could be an important factor. Besides that, how advanced you want your learning experience to be and the amount of e-learning content you need to create are also necessary considerations. In the same vein, the size of your staff, your budget, and whether you require translation are also important factors. 

Mentioned below is a list of five of the best e-learning resources, namely:

  • Google Drive
  • Tomato Timer
  • Trello
  • Mural
  • Elucidat

Whatever your position, you’ll find something useful here. The tools will definitely help make your training go a little more smoothly. 

1. Google Drive

Our preferred method of cloud storage is Google Drive. Most importantly, Google Drive offers a stable and central location where every team member can access the files they want at any moment. Further, they can easily do this even though while operating in various locations around the world. 

Google Drive
Google Drive

Why is it an excellent e-learning tool? Many members of e-learning teams work from home, work in various offices, or travel regularly. Therefore, Google Drive is essential in ensuring that team members have immediate access to the latest version of a file. This helps avoid the delay and potential for misunderstanding that email chains can cause. 

In addition, account managers can need access to booklets and instructional documents stored on Google Drive. The documents and data could be from e-learning conferences or perhaps other remote areas.

2. Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer is a website and app dedicated to helping people overcome procrastination and better control their time. Moreover, the creators have used the Pomodoro Technique to create the Tomato Timer. 

This method uses a timer to divide work into 25-minute cycles separated by brief breaks. This is to say that the app is straightforward to use. You can even personalize your timer.

Tomato Timer- Top Interactive E-learning Tool
Tomato Timer

Why is it an excellent e-learning tool? First, the stages of preparing, monitoring, and recording are crucial to the technique. As a result, Tomato Timer becomes an excellent productivity e-learning tool.

Moreover, Tomato Timer also gets bonus points for encouraging information retention. We consider going back to review after taking a break a successful method of combating the forgetting curve.

3. Trello

Trello is an incredibly simple project management app that makes getting organized a pleasure. Most importantly, the Kanban method forms the basis of Trello’s approach. It manages development processes using a simple visual order. 

Trello- Top Interactive E-learning Tool

Why is it an excellent e-learning tool? They typically involve a variety of stakeholders in e-learning initiatives. To clarify, Trello makes it much easier to organize everyone’s contributions. It helps keep track of the progress of various projects. 

Further, Trello has a variety of project management tools, such as cards, lists, boards, and color coding. Only those taking part in the particular project can receive updates. In addition, relevant team members can be easily attached to cards. Trello works particularly well with a variety of instructional design methods.

4. Mural

E-learning programs, such as course content curation, necessitate the participation of a diverse group of people. Above all, Mural is an excellent program for organizing, sharing, and developing ideas. Mural is a communication and brainstorming concept board. It allows teams to collaborate and exchange ideas from anywhere. Consequently, it is ideal for companies with multinational offices or remote staff. 

Mural makes it easy to keep track of tasks and programs. Likewise, you can also create storyboards and other visual elements using Mural. 

Mural- Top Interactive E-learning Tool

Why is it an excellent e-learning tool? Most importantly, Mural helps team members in visually contributing to an e-learning project. They can easily gather all details in one location. As a result, this is perfect for e-learning workers who can’t always be in the office or must travel frequently. 

To sum up, Mural eliminates confusing email threads and boosts collaboration. It allows team members to communicate and exchange ideas in the same place.

5. Elucidat 

Elucidat makes it simpler for ambitious teams to produce large-scale digital learning. Above all, businesses will adapt to change faster – and smarter. They will have a completely cloud-based e-learning authoring platform. 

You will encourage experts to share their expertise and offer employees access to learning on any device with Elucidat. Additionally, Elucidat assists businesses in reducing costs and improving efficiency across the board. This works well for everything from product training to enforcement.

Elucidat- Top Interactive E-learning Tool

Why is it an excellent e-learning tool? Firstly, Remote e-learning team members will collaborate more easily with Elucidat’s built-in analysis and commenting features. Further, it is also ideal for instructional designers and course developers who need to create online learning content. The content thus creates loads quickly and works across a wide variety of browsers and devices.

Parting Thoughts 

Many organizations are trying to do more with less resources to bring training to their teams as soon as possible. Certainly, 2021 has changed the e-learning landscape for these companies. 

In conclusion, for creating entertaining, meaningful training while juggling time and money, choosing the right e-learning tools is critical. The versatility of the best e-learning tools shown here overlaps a lot. However, your needs–such as the quality and scale at which you want to deliver digital learning–will help you narrow down your options. 

Finally, only your requirements can truly determine the right e-learning software for you and your team.

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