Universal Design for Learning: A Practical Guide

Universal Design for Learning

Everyone is different, or, to put it another way, everyone learns differently, is a clear truism. So why are educators so adamant on establishing uniform teaching methods? This is because they can’t feasibly cater to everyone’s learning style. Therefore, they aim for the broadest conceivable structure in the hopes that everyone would benefit at least […]

Using Math Tools in Online Teaching

Math Tools for Online Teaching

Using math tools in online teaching will encourage students to engage in self-exploration and show them how math is woven into the fabric of their lives.

Using AI For Personalized Learning

AI In elearning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a common catchword that we enjoy using whenever the opportunity presents itself. Using AI for personalized learning is a method that focuses on developing training to meet the unique needs of each learner. Looking at it through the lens of customized training is one way to grasp its full potential.  Personalized […]

Online Learning

Online Learning

What is Online Learning? Online Learning is a broad umbrella term that we apply to any kind of education that happens over the Internet. Online courses may follow synchronous or asynchronous modes of instruction. E-Learning is a popular trend in learning, and it involves complex information and communication technologies such as Moodle, MOOCs, Virtual Reality, […]

Creating Video-Based Educational Courses

Create Video-Based Courses

Video-based learning is acquiring an understanding of a concept by the means of a video lesson accessible through electronic media. It is a paradigm shift in education from conventional in-class learning to a captivating form of learning. The current education standards emphasize practical knowledge and skills with theory, for which the conventional learning methods prove […]

Teachers’ Role in Project-based Learning

Project-Based Learning

The teachers’ role in Project-Based Learning is unique and pervasive. An educator’s ability to transition from the role of instructor to that of a mentor or collaborator can make or break it. As is evident from our previous blog – Project-Based Learning Tools, PBL, if done well, helps inculcate skills such as active learning and problem-solving in […]

Strategies for Self-Directed Learning: Teaching Methodologies

Strategies for Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Learning, also known as SDL, can be best described as a self-sufficient learning process where the learners can take charge of their own learning, through setting personal learning strategies, goals and targets, and then executing them in a set period of time. In our previous Self-Directed Learning article, we familiarized our readers with the […]

Flipped Classrooms Model: A New Gateway To Learning

Flipped Classroom Model

With the speeding of technological advancements, education could no longer have stayed unaffected. The wave of digitization had taken over the administration of schools and universities long back, and now technology has made its way to teaching and learning methodologies too. Flipped Classrooms Model is one such emerging teaching methodology that engages academic learning and […]

Design Thinking: Teaching Methodologies

5 Digital Thinking procedures

What exactly is Design Thinking? Design Thinking is a practical and creative problem-solving school of thought that takes a solution-based approach. Moreover, it is an iterative process that does not have to take place sequentially, i.e., it is non-linear. This teaching methodology prepares students for the world outside of classes and school. Thus, they solve […]