ePainting a Vivid Picture: The Power and Potential of Visual Learning Style

The Power and Potential of Visual Learning Style

Among a wide variety of learning styles, visual learning is one of the most distinguished styles. Reliance on sight and spatial organization are its salient features. Visual learners take help from pictures, diagrams, and color to sort and retain information. This article takes you deep into the basics of visual learning style. It also explores […]

Unleashing the Power of Financial Literacy for Students

Unleashing the Power of Financial Literacy for Students

Financial literacy is an essential life skill that empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their personal finances. By introducing financial concepts and practices at an early age, we equip children with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complex financial landscape they will encounter as adults.  Understanding concepts like budgeting, saving, investing, and […]

Reassessing Curriculum Development: Top 3 Factors to Consider

Curriculum Development is the process of developing a course that is taught at a school. Every school or university has a unique approach to its design. However, the basic structure of the design remains the same, which includes researching, building, execution, and judgment.   This article discusses, in detail, the points that influence the decision of […]

Importance of cross-cultural programs in schools

Learning about culture is natural to us. We realize it through our families and close communities’ beliefs and practices. We learn through what we see around us. However, we can’t find the whole world in our neighborhoods. Children attending schools might meet people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This is another exposure to their understanding […]

Learning Experience Design or LXD

Learning Experience Design

Storming through traditional methods of creating a learning experience, here is the new age LX design. When a cluster of PowerPoint presentations and webinars, or any other traditional corporate trading fails, learning experience design got your back. Fostering the human-centered and goal-specific parameters, learning experience design enhances experiences. What is Learning Experience Design (LXD)? LXD […]

5 Reasons to Integrate Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom

social emotional learning in the classroom

Classroom Teaching can become increasingly difficult especially if you are an educator who is constantly dealing with students who want to know why they are learning what they are learning or if they think that a certain concept or topic is irrelevant. This is where Social Learning comes into play which is a teaching method […]

What is SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and How Does it Help Students?

What is SEL (Social Emotional Learning) and How Does it Help Students?

People with good socio-emotional abilities are better equipped to deal with daily problems and achieve academic, career, and social success. The process of acquiring self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills that are necessary for school, work, and life success is known as social emotional learning (SEL). These abilities may be taught and developed at any age, […]