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Mobile Learning – What All You Need To Know?

Mobile learning is a boon to today’s students who do not have time to go to learning centers or study in traditional classrooms. It is a type of distant learning that lets students use educational technologies on their mobile devices however they desire. 

The idea of mobile learning is nothing new. Many schools and educational institutions are attempting to implement this technology in order to better teach students using computers and mobile phones. This method is not only useful and practical but also enjoyable, which is how it encourages individuals of all ages to learn. That is why, on a daily basis, numerous educational technologies are introduced and made available to educators and trainers. 

This article will discuss the definition of mobile learning, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. It will also cover a variety of mobile learning tools and creating content for mobile learning.

What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning (m-learning) is the process of obtaining learning materials via mobile apps, social interactions, and online educational hubs over the Internet or a network utilizing personal mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is adaptable, allowing students to receive education from anywhere and at any time.

Mobile learning allows educational institutions to transmit information and educational content to students on any platform, at any time, and from anywhere. Students use mobile apps and technologies to complete and submit projects to teachers, download course materials, and collaborate on activities in online social groups.

Course creators most commonly use the term “mobile learning” to describe the technology of mobile devices and apps that educators utilize in the classroom. However, it can also refer to the use of mobile technology to facilitate always-on learning.

Creating Content For Mobile Learning

It is a prevalent misperception that educators can easily convert eLearning resources to mobile learning courses. During the transition, however, they must rethink the entire instructional design. To create a gratifying and a visually and cognitively rewarding user experience, mobile learning necessitates minimalism, an emphasis on granular design, and instructionally sound design.

Following these simple but important rules will allow course makers to make learning easier for students and provide them with an intuitive and engaging learning experience that matches their needs wherever they are. 

Creating Content For Mobile Learning

To avoid both distracting learners and wasting space in the initial scrolling zone, all secondary content, such as optional navigational controls, links that are not relevant to the information being displayed, copyright notices, and other legal information, should be kept to the bottom of the screen. Every screen should direct the student to further content so he or she can catch up or dig deeper into a topic.

Advantages And Disadvantages

Following are a few key advantages and disadvantages of mobile learning that all course creators should be aware of. 

Creating Content For Mobile Learning

The Applicability of Mobile Learning 

Mobile learning is formal but informal, which is exactly what most students want. Mobile learning allows students to learn in the comfort of their own home without having to abandon their daily activities and plans. 

Those who do not participate in online classes can still access learning resources. These include educational articles, videos, audios, pictures, and even text. This on-demand accessibility has further added to the success and renown of this learning method. 

These and other advantages of mobile learning, such as eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, ease, and the amount of enjoyment obtained from learning, have prompted corporate behemoths and developing firms to migrate from physical to virtual training sets.

Mobile Devices Prices

The prices of mobile devices have reduced dramatically over the years. This is a result of the ongoing release of new gadgets and the variety that is now available. For those considering mobile learning, this is the icing on the cake. This means that everyone, from the young to the elderly, may easily make a one-time investment that will provide years of learning and enjoyment.

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