E-Learning Video Solution Providers for Quality Video Content

E-learning video solution providers

With the emergence of new technologies and current socio-political circumstances, video solutions for concepts at school and college learning are gaining a lot of momentum. The latest digital technology also makes it easier for companies to create e-learning video solutions for online learning, corporate training and more. And while there is an abundance of e-learning […]

Most Interesting edtech trends of 2021 That Are Here to Stay

Edtech Trends 2021

Before the global coronavirus boom in 2020, education was supposed to be one of the more traditional industries with minimal technological developments. But along came COVID-19 which not only changed the face of education, but also brought about advancements and digitization that had not been anticipated before.  Concepts like Virtual Classrooms, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented […]

Math Typing Software: A Brief Rundown Of The Best Equation Writing Software

Math Typing Software

One could have never considered how a software program can aid in the efficient typing of mathematics. Math typing software aided in the transition of math from the pen and paper era to the digital era. They make mathematics more approachable by switching to digital math instruction.  With mathematical equation writing software, users can enter […]

Pedagogical Practices To Suit Various Learning Styles

Pedagogical Practices

Most people have accepted the assertion that each student has a distinct “learning style” as fact in the educational sector. If one does a little digging, they will find that there are over 70 different styles of learning and teaching style schemes that attempt to classify students according to how they learn best. The notion […]

Ways To Boost Your E-Learning Course

E-Learning Course

To boost their training efforts, more and more companies are replacing conventional instructor-led training (ILT) programs with e-Learning courses. The advantages of e-Learning include cost-effectiveness, just-in-time instruction, and quicker delivery speeds, to name a few. It is important, however, that learners are exposed to the shift in a systematic manner during the transition from ILT […]

Technology in Education: An overview

Technology in Education

In a world that is hyper connected through a diverse range of online platforms, technology plays a huge role in absolutely every aspect of our life. Over the last 30 years, there has been a phenomenal change in attitudes towards technology and its effect on the teaching practices. Aside from playing video games on a parent’s […]

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management Software

A learning management system or LMS is a software platform to manage and administer online training or eLearning. LMS serves as an online platform that helps you deliver and manage training in various formats. In addition to delivering automated solutions, an LMS can also bring into light pedagogical models like blended learning and flipped classroom teaching. […]

Virtual Reality Widening the Scope of Education

VR in Education

Virtual Reality, commonly known as VR, refers to creating an artificial environment, identical to the real world. The application of VR in education is an advancing technique of creating interactive and attractive learning experiences. With VR, learners are able to virtually experience the lessons and also interact with them fruitfully, thereby resulting in better understanding. […]