ePainting a Vivid Picture: The Power and Potential of Visual Learning Style

The Power and Potential of Visual Learning Style

Among a wide variety of learning styles, visual learning is one of the most distinguished styles. Reliance on sight and spatial organization are its salient features. Visual learners take help from pictures, diagrams, and color to sort and retain information. This article takes you deep into the basics of visual learning style. It also explores […]

E-Learning Video Solution Providers for Quality Video Content

E-learning video solution providers

With the emergence of new technologies and current socio-political circumstances, video solutions for concepts at school and college learning are gaining a lot of momentum. The latest digital technology also makes it easier for companies to create e-learning video solutions for online learning, corporate training and more. And while there is an abundance of e-learning […]

Pedagogical Practices To Suit Various Learning Styles

Pedagogical Practices

Most people have accepted the assertion that each student has a distinct “learning style” as fact in the educational sector. If one does a little digging, they will find that there are over 70 different styles of learning and teaching style schemes that attempt to classify students according to how they learn best. The notion […]

Universal Design for Learning: A Practical Guide

Universal Design for Learning

Everyone is different, or, to put it another way, everyone learns differently, is a clear truism. So why are educators so adamant on establishing uniform teaching methods? This is because they can’t feasibly cater to everyone’s learning style. Therefore, they aim for the broadest conceivable structure in the hopes that everyone would benefit at least […]

Using Math Tools in Online Teaching

Math Tools for Online Teaching

Using math tools in online teaching will encourage students to engage in self-exploration and show them how math is woven into the fabric of their lives.

Video Hosting Platforms for Online Courses

Video Hosting Platforms for Online Courses

Video-based learning, now a common practice in e-learning, is acquiring an understanding of a concept by the means of a video lesson accessible through electronic media. Our previous blogs provided an introduction to this teaching methodology and highlighted its benefits. Presently, educators around the world are either trying to create video-based courses or are already […]

Video Learning Styles: An Introduction

Video Learning Styles

Video-based learning is a widely acknowledged method of education due to the various benefits it offers. Using videos for teaching and learning is more interesting than reading, the reason being that videos provide a bigger picture of concepts and ease their understanding. Moreover, the use of virtual reality videos helps bring the world into the classroom. […]

Creating Video-Based Educational Courses

Create Video-Based Courses

Video-based learning is acquiring an understanding of a concept by the means of a video lesson accessible through electronic media. It is a paradigm shift in education from conventional in-class learning to a captivating form of learning. The current education standards emphasize practical knowledge and skills with theory, for which the conventional learning methods prove […]

Benefits of Video Based Learning

Benefits of Video Based Learning

Our blog on Video-Based Learning gives insights into the concept of including videos in eLearning. This is an interactive approach, unlike the mundane ‘click-next’ form of e-learning. Although the term ‘video-based learning’ seems new, videos have been in use in eLearning for a long time now. They not only modify the ways of learning but also provide […]