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E-Learning Resources for College Students

The burgeoning online learning trend gives way to endless learning opportunities. Anyone from school, university, or even the working professionals can learn with the help of various e-learning courses available on the Internet. All it requires is the knowledge of certain eLearning resources to access these courses/lessons. But how to find these resources? To make it easy, here is a list of top free e-learning resources for college students.

In the contemporary world, continuous learning is the only key to success. College students are often swamped with a lot of learning and responsibilities. Consequently, managing time to travel and to physically attend a class becomes tiresome, so e-learning through different resources serves as the best alternative. Also, these resources allow learning to continue at all costs, with minimum requirements of time, space, and money.

The top free e-learning resources for college students have been listed below.

1. TED-Ed

TED-Ed  is a youth and education initiative of TED. It is an international platform that aids teaching and learning. With a growing animated video library, TED-Ed allows educators to create interactive lessons to teach students around the globe. The TED-Ed animated videos, or TED-Ed Lessons, are short videos about the ideas that spark the curiosity of learners. These videos are a result of the collaboration between experts, including TED speakers, TED fellows, educators, writers, and many others.

Moreover, the advisors of TED-Ed include prominent personalities from different fields relating to education. Aaron Sams, Jackie Bezos, Melinda French Gates, and Salman Khan (from Khan Academy) are a few to name.

2. ResearchGate

ResearchGate is a global professional network for researchers and scientists. The platform aims to connect the world of science and ease research. Presently, ResesarchGate has millions of members collaborating on specific topics in science and research.

An additional feature of this platform is that it allows the members to publish their data and see who’s reading or citing it. Moreover, this data is accessible from any corner of the world, making it a handy tool for college students to learn.

3. Coursera

Coursera is an online education platform providing free academic references and modules for learning. It provides knowledge about various subjects with on-demand video lectures, discussion forums, and homework exercises. The courses are available for free, with some requiring payment. Moreover, learners receive a sharable certificate at the end of the course.

An additional advantage of learning with Coursera is that it partners with more than 200 top universities in the world. Also, industry educators partner with Coursera to offer specializations. Certificates, courses, and various degree programs. Overall, the platform provides universal access to the best education with top universities and organizations.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides numerous educational videos and test exercises that help learners study at their own pace. It eliminates the need to attend a physical classroom for learning with an open learning platform. Also, it is one of the biggest learning platforms with courses that cater to the learning needs of all age groups. All these courses are free and accessible anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the courses are available in more than 36 languages, promoting learning without the barriers of language.

5. Duolingo

Duolingo is a mobile application for language learning. The application is available for free with more than 90 different language courses. It gives a personalized learning experience with gamified lessons. Also, the lessons review learner’s vocabulary effectively and show grades instantly.

Moreover, Duolingo uses gamification as the basis of learning in all the courses. As a result, the gaming and reward system better learning and engagement, eventually producing better learning outcomes.

6. Udemy

Udemy is a skill development platform for learners who wish to earn a technical certificate or acquire skills for a job. The Udemy mobile application provides access to a variety of videos, podcasts, presentations, and lectures for free. Moreover, it allows learners to connect with the best instructors from around the world and work towards realizing their dreams.

Udemy offers courses on a wide variety of subjects. These include finance, accounting, business, economics, real estate, and much more. Moreover, these courses are available in more than 65 languages and are delivered by highly skilled instructors.

Bottom Line

The Internet is an ocean of opportunities and a lifelong learning resource, particularly for college students. The various free e-learning resources available on the Internet make it possible to learn anything and everything from the comfort of one’s home. College students often engage in numerous activities apart from their studies. As a consequence of this, they find it difficult to learn something new and often fail to turn their dreams into reality. This can happen due to the limitations of time, space, money, and other such factors. But the various free learning resources act as a lifeline for such students and help them fulfill their learning requirements to succeed in life.

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