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Effectiveness of Online Tuition For Students

Online tutoring, though substantially developed a little while ago, is an emerging teaching-learning approach that uses technology to eliminate the constraints of time and space for the participants. As most online mediums of tutoring do not involve real-time interaction between the teachers and the students, it is important to employ effective teaching strategies to bridge the gap between the two entities.

Considering the importance of utilizing appropriate teaching methodologies in the online mode of learning, this article discusses the aspects affecting engagement in online tutoring in terms of its effectiveness and execution. (Refer to our previous blog for its features, types, benefits, and potential downfalls.)

Online Tuition for Different Types of Students

Different types of students have different learning needs. All these needs are considered while opting for online tuition.

  • Primary school students (K-8) require interactive activities and high levels of multimedia in order to engage in learning and build competency.
  • High school (K-12) students require knowledge of specific subjects and test-taking skills.
  • College students enroll in various online/on-campus courses to get ready for jobs and field specializations. 

Online tutoring can cater to the varied learning needs of students. Therefore, it serves as the best means to engage different types of learners, even in remote areas with low infrastructural requirements.

Is Online Tutoring Effective?

Effectiveness of Online Tutoring

Effectiveness of Online Tuition

Under certain circumstances, it may not be possible for students and tutors to be physically present for a class. The reason is that students might be living too far or a suitable local tutor may not be available. Online tutoring comes to the rescue in such cases. Its effectiveness can be understood with the help of the following features.

  1. Classes are interactive and the lessons are adaptable.
  2. It allows instant practice and feedback.
  3. Students get access to the best tutors.
  4. Students learn at their own pace.
  5. Online classes can be recorded.
  6. Students can clear their doubts easily.

How can Online Tutoring Help College Students?

How Does Online Tutoring Help College Students?

Online tutoring is being adopted by students worldwide either to learn or to earn. It is of great help, particularly for college students who are engaged in several activities to gear up for their future. The fact that it allows learning from the comfort of one’s own space works as a tremendous advantage. Thus, many students take up online tutoring as a part-time job along with their studies as it proves to be highly beneficial for them in the following ways.

I. Clearer Concepts

Students prepare the concepts by themselves before teaching. This makes the concepts clearer, eliminates doubts, and increases knowledge. Furthermore, teaching other students also helps in longer retention through repeated practice.

II. Financial Sufficiency

College students can earn extra money by tutoring to meet their additional expenses. Also, earning while learning makes them confident enough to manage their expenses and they gain financial independence.

III. Utilization of Time

College students engage in various activities throughout the day and must manage their time efficiently. Online tutoring helps students use their time productively and also saves time by teaching without having to commute.

IV. Keeping up with the Global Competition

Students can get hands-on experience in the competitive world while pursuing higher education and taking online classes simultaneously. This helps them to prepare for a job and provides them an edge over their competition.

V. Improved Communication Skills

Online tutors interact with many students from different parts of the world as they conduct classes. This builds confidence as they learn to communicate and express themselves effectively, consequently improving their communication skills.

Online tutoring provides an open platform to teach and learn without stepping out of the house. Moreover, it allows learners from all age groups to have access to various courses based on their interests. The students engaged in it get more exposure and become a part of the global community. Hence, it prepares them to face the challenges of a competitive world and to perform their jobs effectively in the future by developing crucial skills.

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